New Regulation A+ vs. Traditional S-1

SEC’s New Regulation A+ Opens Better Possibilities to Go Public Direct and Raise Money than by using a Traditional Form S-1 Filing

Many people who contact me ask me why I would recommend they consider a Go Public Direct transaction using a Regulation A+ rather than a Form S-1 filing with the SEC.

There are a number of advantages to using A+ rather than S-1.

We have designed a Regulation A+ Offering Program that we believe minimizes your financial risk and significantly enhances your ability to raise money compared to an S-1 transaction.

• With a minimal retainer, we can help you structure your company and your offering, and then show you how to see if people would be interested in investing in your A+ Offering on the terms and conditions you propose. If there’s not sufficient interest, you have not made a significant financial investment. We’ll then explore other possible alternatives with you.

• We offer a payment structure that lets you start taking money from investors for less than $50,000 [and in some cases even less]. This amount not just my legal fees. It includes all other costs you will incur with other service professionals such as auditors and SEC EDGAR filing firms before you can start taking money.

• You do not have to register your A+ offering by making separate state “Blue Sky” filings, meaning you are free to sell your A+ Offering in all 50 states, even in states that have “merit review.” An S-1 offering, on the other hand, requires separate registrations in every state where you want to sell, practically impossible. Think how well this A+ Offering structure works if you want to sell stock from your website not only to potential investors but also to your customers or visitors to your website!

• Although you have to do audits with a Go Public Direct A+ Offering, you do not have to use a more expensive PCAOB audit firm, both in the A+ registration statement and more importantly in on-going SEC filings after you Go Public Direct with A+.

• With A+, you only have two on-going SEC filings per year rather than four under S-1.

• We offer a special A+ transaction structure that lets you get a Ticker Symbol, obtain DTC Clearance and become qualified to trade on the OTCQB [not Pink Sheets] using the money you raise in an initial A+ Offering rather than having to pay to do this out of your own pocket. When all this is done, you can immediately thereafter do a major money raise follow-on A+ Offering.

• If you choose to use this feature of our A+ Go Public Direct Offering structure, you will be offering investors in this second, follow-on A+ Offering Instant Liquidity, as the shares they buy are immediately free trading, depositable in their brokerage account and sellable into the OTCQB Market if they wish. Structured properly, this may enable you to ask a higher price for your shares and maybe even raise more money, too.

If you want to learn how to make our A+ Go Public Direct Transaction Structure work for you, eliminating all those pesky S-1 offering issues, as we always say:




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