Stock as a Strategic Tool

If you are looking to use stock as a strategic tool for making acquisitions, attracting and rewarding employees, or providing a wealth-building exit strategy then you will find significant value in the consultation.

What to Expect

Your consultation will be directly with me, Michael Williams. I charge no fee for an initial 15-minute phone consultation to companies with funding at hand that are ready to go public. During the call you and I will:

  • Review your readiness.
  • Verify whether my services are well suited to meeting your goals.
  • Discuss next steps for preparing a personally-customized, detailed roadmap for taking your company public.

Please note that this consultation will not establish an attorney-client confidential relationship. However, I absolutely guarantee you that if you are really ready to go public, you will love this consultation; and if it’s right for you, we will go on to establish an attorney-client relationship and move forward together.

Schedule Consultation

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