Pink Sheet Market

Looking for a Pink Sheet Public Shell Reverse Merger?

Before you buy that Pink Sheet Shell, check out our Regulation A+ Direct Pink Sheet Listing Program first.  Beats any Pink Sheet Shell and may not only be less expensive but also give you a better opportunity to RAISE MONEY as a BONUS.

How does our Reg. A+ Direct Pink Sheet Listing Program Work?

To get a direct listing on the Pink Sheets you need stockholders with free trading stock.

Shares sold in your A+ Pink Sheet Direct List Offering are fully free trading and can be sold throughout the U.S. through social media advertising without having to register in any states.

You get all of the other benefits of Regulation A+ to HELP YOU RAISE MONEY.

Pink Sheet Shells

I am not a shell broker but I know people who are and can refer you if you’d like to go public with a Pink Sheet Shell.  But before I do, I will give you some written information that you must review first.  OK?

Schedule a No-Risk Free Consultation to find out about about our A+ Direct Pink Sheet Listing Program – and get a NO COST Pink Sheet Test Pre-Offering as well, if you want.