OTCQX PAL Guides Foreign Companies in Dual Listing

This is the second step in our Roadmap to OTCQX International qualified Dual Listings.

In our last post we described the markets upon which your company or your client company must trade to enter into this OTCQX International qualified Dual Listing Program.

STEP TWO:  Locate a  Principal American Liaison (PAL)  to serve as a securities professional knowledgeable in both the disclosure requirements of U.S. securities laws and the most effective investor communications practices.

Our firm would initially by your PAL.  Here’s what we’d do [according to OTC Markets]:

All OTCQX International companies appoint a qualified, third-party Principal American Liaison (PAL) sponsor to guide the admission process, to post disclosure in English and to be a resource regarding all aspects of investor relations and U.S. market protocols. These advisors, in turn, signify that OTCQX companies are providing quality disclosure and have trusted management teams.  Our involvement with your company or your client’s company as a DAD is a pivotal component of OTCQX and is designed to bolster investor confidence in the quality of disclosure by OTCQX companies. 

In the coming weeks well talk about each of the required steps in your application process and how we will assist you to meet these requirements.

We encourage you to stay tuned to our Blog and our LinkedIn posts in the coming weeks as we give you more steps in our Roadmap to the OTCQX International Market.  We are also interested in establishing strategic relationships within the confines of Florida Bar Rules governing attorney conduct with consultants in foreign countries to help us work with foreign companies that may want to take advantage of this exciting program.

If you are a foreign company interested in this program, or if you are a consultant to foreign companies looking for qualified U.S. SEC counsel, please contact us for more information.

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