Just What Is This US Crowdfunding All About?

Crowdfunding for Foreign Companies

To all my friends in the non-US Groups of which I’m honored to be a member,

You may have read my recent first post on US Crowdfunding and wondered, “Why did he post it in my group?  I’m not even in the US.”

Well, foreign companies and their advisors can also take advantage of this new US almost law – It won’t be law for a few more months until the SEC’s regulations are finalized.

But foreign companies can also use Crowdfunding and tap the US capital markets without the large expense and hassle of dealing with SEC filings.

But foreign companies and their advisers especially need a good, honest resource to find out honest information about the best way to use this new fundraising mechanism.

That’s what these posts will be about.  So for many of you who have written and found these posts helpful, thank you.  To you who have no interest, just pass them by and maybe one of my future posts will catch your interest.  I hope so!

And as always if you have specific questions about Crowdfunding or any other US securities questions that could help you or your clients, please feel free to contact me.

PS – For example, maybe you work with companies listed on larger exchanges that want listing on US stock exchange without SEC hassles.  Read This  and series of related posts that follow.


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