Going Public Without Funding

If you seek to go public to raise money and you do not believe that on your own, without the help of a broker/dealer or investment banker, that you can identify potential investors who would agree to invest in your business, then in truth you are not a candidate to go public and neither the consultation nor going public would be of any benefit to you.

The Truth

As explained in the articles on this site:

  • Going Public does not mean you will raise money.
  • I am not in the business of raising money.
    • Unless you meet the $1 million dollars in annual profits threshold, there is no reason to contact me to ask for aid in finding someone to raise money for you.
  • Finally, do not be misled by others:
    • Just because you are public, don’t think you can go to a stock broker or market maker and ask them to sell your stock into the market for you to raise money after you are public an have a ticker symbol. This is illegal under securities laws. Even if you are public and have a symbol, you still must find investors yourself.

You cannot just sell your company’s stock straight into the market.