Go Public Direct


Issuer’s Counsel to ShiftPixy, Inc.

$50 Million REGULATION A+ Offering

Underwritten by W. R. Hambrecht


SEC’s New Regulation A+ Opens Exciting New Possibilities to

Go Public Direct and Raise Money 

We have been singing the praises of Regulation A+ since this revolutionary new method that you can use to “Crowdfund” your business was adopted by the SEC almost one year ago.

We are pleased to announce that we have been selected to act as Issuer’s Counsel for ShiftPixy in a Regulation A+/Tier 2 offering underwritten by W. R. Hambrecht just filed with the SEC.

We hope you’ll take a moment to review this offering to see an example of how we can help Regulation A+ work for you, too.

We can show you how you too can use Regulation A+, even if you are not large enough to be underwritten by a Broker/Dealer.  No matter what the size of your company, even pre-revenue start up or early stage, you are eligible to take advantage of the exciting new opportunities to raise money created by the SEC’s new Regulation A+.

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Regulation A+ Offerings like ShiftPixy.

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You can go public direct, without a reverse merger with a public shell, saving hundreds of thousands of dollars!

A Go Public Direct Transaction is a method for your private company going public and thus of becoming an SEC reporting company with a Ticker Symbol qualified to trade on the OTC Bulletin Board or the OTCQB/OTCQX markets without pursuing a reverse merger with a public shell.

What do you need to make a Go Public Direct Transaction work, for both A+ and Traditional transactions?


  • Have at least approximately 400,000 company shares or more sold for real value [$.10 per share is a recognized minimum; it can be more] – cash or services or both
  • Have approximately 40 or more non-insider shareholders

We will help you successfully Go Public Direct by showing you how to offer your securities privately to get this shareholder base.

Free Trading Stock

The stock your shareholders own must be free trading, that is, free to be sold without restrictions imposed by federal securities laws.

How do you get this?

The most common way is to register the stock owned by your stockholders sold in the private placement described above on SEC Form S-1.

Become an SEC Reporting Company

How do you do this?

The filing of the SEC Registration Statement on Form S-1 or Form 10 to make your stock free trading as described above automatically makes you an SEC reporting Company.

What you do and do not need for a Go Public Direct transaction.

You do not need two years of audited financial statements. You only need an audit for the period of time you’ve been in business. Only been in business a few weeks? They you only need an audit of that few week period.

You do not need any operating history. You can be a brand new, start-up company with no revenues. You can be in business for only a few weeks, indeed even only a few months.

How is a Go Public Direct Transaction Similar to and Different Than a Reverse Merger with a Public Shell?

A Go Public Direct Transaction is in many ways similar a Reverse Merger with a Public Shell. The most significant similarity is that all of the same information you must provide the SEC in the registration statements described above, including audited financial statement, must be prepared and filed with the SEC essentially when you close the reverse merger with the shell. So you do not avoid preparing SEC disclosure documents or doing the required SEC audit by doing a reverse merger with a public shell rather than a Go Public Direct transaction.

A Go Public Direct Transaction is in several ways different than a Reverse Merger with a Public Shell. The primary difference is that in a reverse merger you get a ticker symbol when you file with the SEC rather than after the SEC finishing reviewing your filing. However, because of the time necessary to source and vet a public shell for a reverse merger transaction, reverse mergers do not necessarily take less time overall than a Go Public Direct transaction. But you do not avoid SEC review with a reverse merger transaction anymore, as in practice the SEC does review the disclosure and audit information filed with a reverse merger with a public shell just as they do in a Go Public Direct transaction.

Schedule a No-Risk Free Consultation with my firm right now and we’ll review your going public goals and objectives and give you a Roadmap that shows you the best path for your success.

P.S. We do reverse mergers with public shells, too. You can ask us about that, too.

ShiftPixy Offering Disclaimer:  No money or consideration is being solicited by this communication and, if sent, money will not be accepted and will be promptly returned.  No offer by a potential investor to buy our securities can be accepted and, if made, any such offer can be withdrawn before qualification of this offering by the SEC.  A potential investor’s indication of interest does not create a commitment to purchase the securities we are offering.

If you want more information about the ShiftPixy Offering, please do not contact us as we are not involved in any sales effort on this offering.  For more information visit the W. R. Hambrecht site.