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Regulation A:  One of the few SEC lawyers to ever use Regulation A to take a company public directly to NASDAQ:  ShiftPixy, Inc.  NASDAQ:  PIXY

When you select securities counsel to help you go public using the SEC’s new Regulation A, called Regulation A+, make sure you hire counsel that has Reg. A experience at the highest levels.  That’s what we attained through our work with ShiftPixy.

You can review their Offering Circular which Mr. Williams personally prepared and shepherded through the SEC and NASDAQ here.

Contact us for more information about Regulation A.  And ask us for our White Paper.

Our Team

We have joined forces to create an awesome team of SEC Co-Counsel Attorneys with Brenda Hamilton Esq. of Hamilton and Associates Law Group and Paula A. Argento Esq., Managing Director of Argento Venture Group.  Our new Team lead on Pink Sheets, my book co-author Ricky Oravec.  Our Team looks forward to talking to you about your SEC needs.