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We are currently  accepting clients on a “referral only” basis.

Why have I decided to become a “referral only” boutique SEC Law Firm?

I believe I can best serve my clients by working with a team of trusted professionals that I have worked with over the past 40+ years.  Two of the team members are listed on this page.

You can also contact more team members if you review my Track Record.


You are in luck.  After 40 years of working with companies struggling to secure funding, the SEC finally got it right with their new Regulation A+.  Want to learn more?

Contact my SEC Co-Counsel Brenda Hamilton

Make sure you get a copy of her newest publication “Raising Capital Guidebook: The Crowdfunding & Regulation A+ Small Business Movement”

Seeking Your Fortune

You can also get comprehensive going public information from Richard Oravec of Pivo Associates, my co-author of our book.